Spring 2017 Courses

All first-year, transfer, and/or returning students who studied French prior to entering Columbia/Barnard must take the placement exam before taking any Barnard French courses. Questions about the exam should be directed to Isabelle Jouanneau-Fertig at ijouanne@barnard.edu.


Elementary and Intermediate Language Courses

FREN BC1002 - Elementary French II
Sec. 001 - MTWRF - 10:00-10:50 - Lazur
Sec. 002 - MTWRF - 12:00-12:50 - Lazur
FREN BC1203 - Intermediate French I
Sec. 001 - M/W - 2:40-3:55 - Kilgo-Kelly
Sec. 002 - M/W - 11:40-12:55 - Kilgo-Kelly
Sec. 003 - T/R - 2:40-3:55 - Suter
FREN BC1204 - Intermediate French II
Sec. 001 - M/W - 10:10-11:25 - Cutchin
Sec. 002 - M/W - 11:40-12:55 - Cutchin
Sec. 003 - T/R - 2:40-3:55 - Lazur
Sec. 004 - T/R - 10:10-11:25 - Santos da Silva
Sec. 005 - T/R - 4:10-5:25 - O'Keeffe


Advanced Language and Literature Courses

FREN BC3006 - Composition and Conversation 
Sec. 001 - T/R - 1:10-2:25 - Santos da Silva
Sec. 002 - T/R - 2:40-3:55 - Santos da Silva
Sec. 003 - T/R - 11:40-12:55 - Jouanneau-Fertig
Sec. 004 - M/W - 4:10-5:25 - Kilgo-Kelly
FREN BC3007 - Commercial-Economic French
T/R - 2:40-3:55 - Jouanneau-Fertig
The socioeconomic language of contemporary French society. Practice of oral and written communications based on documents from the French press. Students who have completed the course may wish to take the Diplome du Francais des Affaires given by the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris.
FREN BC3012 - Advanced Grammar and Composition
T/R - 10:10-11:25 - Jouanneau-Fertig
Systematic study of morphology, syntax, and idiomatic expressions. Weekly writing assignments.
FREN BC3016 - Advanced Oral French
M/W - 2:40-3:55 - Boyman
Oral presentations and discussions of French films aimed at increasing fluency, acquiring vocabulary, and perfecting pronunciation skills. 
FREN BC3022 - Major French Texts II
T/R - 4:10-5:25 - O'Keeffe
The Age of Enlightenment, Romanticism, Realism, and Symbolism.
FREN BC3055 - Golden Age of Versailles
T - 4:10-6:00 - Postlewate
Explores the cultural production emanating from the court of Louis XIV at Versailles combining the reading of literary texts with consideration of the arts, architecture, dance and music. Special focus on the court as spectacle, women writers of the court, and the classical period as preparation for the Enlightenment.
FREN BC3065 - Surrealism
M/W - 1:10-2:25 - TBD
An examination of the relationship between traditional & avant-garde literature and visual culture; the use of word-play & language games as tools of artistic expression; the thematization of the unconscious and dreams; the vexed relationship between aesthetics & politics; the poetics and politics of sexuality & gender. Authors and artists will include Andre Breton, Louis Aragon, Man Ray, Dorothea Tanning, and Salvador Dali.
FREN BC3077 - Jalousie-Litterature Francais
M/W - 4:10-5:25 - TBD
This course takes jealousy-in its psychosexual, socio-political, ontological dimensions, and in its formal implications-as a lens through which to view a series of seminal works of French literature from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. 
FREN BC3091 - Senior Thesis
M/W - 4:10-5:25 - Postlewate
French majors will write their senior thesis under the supervision of the instructor.
FREN BC3110 - French New Wave Cinema
T/R - 2:10-4:00 - Boyman
This course traces the emergence and development of “New Wave” cinema in France in the 60s. Through a detailed analysis of some of its most iconic films: 400 Blows, Breathless, Hiroshima mon amour… the course will examine the radical artistic and social innovations of its major “auteurs”; Truffaut, Godard, Resnais et al.
FREN UN3421 - Intro to Francophone Studies II
M/W - 2:40-3:55 - Glover
Universalism vs. exceptionalism, tradition vs. modernity, integration and exclusion, racial, gender, regional and national identities will be considered in this introduction to the contemporary French speaking world in Europe, the Americas and Africa. Authors include Aimé Césaire, Léopold Senghor, Maryse Condé, and Frantz Fanon.