Our History

A Brief History of the Barnard French Department

  • 1890-1891: Bernard F. O’Connor is Officer of Instruction and Government for French classes
  • 1896-1987: various French professors, with names such as Chardenal
  • 1910’s: French and German are now required as part of the “Modern Language Requirement” in Barnard admission: students must show basic proficiency in both languages
  • 1924: Associate Professor Louis Auguste Loiseaux, Professor John Lawrence Gerig, Henri F. Miller, Alma de L. LeDuc, Marguerite Mespoulet, Winefred Sturdevant, Isabelle Wyzewska, Ninon Andre, Jeanne Vidon-Varney, Helen M. Phelps, and J.G. Clemenceau LeClerco
  • 1954: Barnard’s French Club, La Société Française, is well-established by this year

A Look at Our Past

French Class, circa 1952

French Club, circa 1954

French Class, circa 1956

Students and a Professor using the Lehman Language Lab, circa 1959-66

Professor LeRoy Breunig, circa 1960

Professor Antoinette Hoffherr, circa 1961

Professor Renee Green, circa 1963

La Société Française, circa 1964

Professor Andre Mesnard, circa 1964

French Class, circa 1965

Student uses the Lehman Language Lab, 1970s