Online Personalities


Jenifer Sey: makeup, beauty, comedy, and lifestyle content 

young woman with straight purple hair
Photo Courtesy of Jenifer Sey

Damon Dominique: vlogs, lifestyle, travel, and language videos in many languages beyond French and English 

guy sitting on a stool in front of a desk with a mirror and a wall of shelves
Photo Courtesy of Damon Dominique

Paul Taylor: British comedian living in France 

A man with glasses speaking into a microphone
Photo Courtesy of Paul Taylor

Greg Guillotin: comedy and pranks 

close up of a man with glasses with a pink sweater tied around his shoulders
Photo of Courtesy of Greg Guillotin

Seb la Frite: music reviews and internet theories 

close up of a young man on a black background
Photo of Courtesy of Seb la Frite

Ali Andreea: makeup and beauty 

close up of a pretty woman wearing makeup and red lipstick
Photo Courtesy of Ali Andreea

Damon and Jo: vlogs, travel, and language videos (this channel is pretty dead, but their old videos are really good!) 

a man in white and woman in black stand close
Photo Courtesy of Damon and Jo